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Representing the work of Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski

Valley of the Dunes Portfolio

Red Desert, Wyoming Portfolio

Southeast Colorado Portfolio

A Gathering of Horses Portfolio

Border Wall Portfolio

Southeast Alaska Portfolio


First Prize Won at Golden Arts Festival

Shattil/Rozinski Photography wins First Prize at Golden Arts Festival

Powder Ponies – The silence of snowflakes falling was replaced by muffled hooves stamping through deep powder and the horses appeared over the hill. Spreading out so each could pick its way over uneven ground, they ran toward us, then around us, continuing their charge to the end of the snowy meadow. From the portfolio A Gathering of Horses.

Hand signed and numbered limited edition photograph             

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Make Your Own Photo Book

Make Your Own Photo Book Online Photo Books Guidelines for Creating Image Based Books Compiled by Wendy Shattil and Bob Rozinski One of the best ways to share your images is by creating custom photo books. There are plenty of choices in size, price and...

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Creative Photographic Blinds

Creative Photographic Blinds Tent blind to photograph peregrine nest   For a different perspective, try photographing wildlife from a blind.  Blending  in with your surroundings is like becoming the lamp in the corner of a room.  If you're very...

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Best of Southeast Alaska

Best of Southeast Alaska

BEST OF SOUTHEAST ALASKA July 22 - 30, 2019 Reserve space early!   Travel aboard the elegant eight passenger vintage wooden boat, the M/V Westward (Easy to moderate activity) Read about the historic M/V Westward on Wikipedia -

Baja & Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Baja & Sea of Cortez, Mexico

BAJA and SEA OF CORTEZ, MEXICO March 1 - 16, 2019   Travel aboard the elegant eight passenger vintage wooden boat, the M/V Westward. (Easy to moderate activity) Read more about the historic M/V Westward on Wikipedia...

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