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Bob with equipment

When the team of Shattil and Rozinski was formed in 1981, the pieces fit together perfectly. They immediately found success creating unique and insightful photographs which soon appeared in editorial publications, books, and advertising around the world. Between the two, they are capable of documenting every subject in nature, as well as finding places to license and sell the images.

While Rozinski particularly enjoys macro and landscape work, Shattil prefers environmental and wildlife shots. Both have a profound respect for their subjects and will pass up photo opportunities which put an animal at risk. An advantage Shattil and Rozinski have over others is the knowledge they have gained from decades of observing animal behavior. "We try to anticipate what our subjects might do and where they may go," Shattil says. "We were leading a bear trip in Alaska and realized what kind of sedges they were eating. Rather than following the bears, we followed the sedges." By knowing where the bears would be feeding, the photographers positioned themselves for ideal lighting conditions in a spot making them safely visible to the bears.

Wendy walkingTo photograph wildlife, both photographers prefer using the longest lenses. "With the 600mm lens we can stay far enough away to let the animal behave naturally rather than reacting to the photographer," Shattil says. "There's more chance of seeing and documenting natural behavior, and that's our primary goal."

A specialty of the Shattil/Rozinski team is endangered or threatened wildlife and habitats. Using their vast experience to photograph the rare and valuable, a picture's worth goes beyond 1000 words. From peregrine falcons and whooping cranes to black-footed ferrets and Mexican wolves; from pristine Central American rainforest to Colorado's Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Shattil & Rozinski dedicate their efforts and share the results with you.

Wendy and Bob showcase their work in a variety of media and events -


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