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Wendy Shattil is available for presentations on the topic: Do your images have a future?
Photographers pour their heart and soul into creating images while giving little thought about what may happen to these photos in the future. Learn which images should be preserved for personal, historic, scientific or altruistic reasons; how to archive slides, film and digital; and most important, get ideas on how and where images will be valued beyond ourselves. There’s a place for our hard-earned images and the photographer is by far the best person to prepare and find homes for them.
Contact Wendy for more information: [email protected]
Follow the links below to over 100 references to help decide the best methods for preserving your images for the future. I have no connection with any of these sources and make no guarantees about their content, but they’ve been helpful to me. Please let me know if any links are broken or if you find resources to add.
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